The One Where I Feel Special and Loved

Tuesday was my 6-year anniversary. Zach and I have been together for six years. Sure, we aren’t married, but that’s quite an accomplishment (if I do say so myself). We have grown together immensely, and we have achieved the best thing two people can ever achieve: creating a beautiful, smart, wonderfully kind, hilarious and sensitive child, while remaining as madly in love with each other as ever.

After running some errands to pick up what I needed to make these amazing cupcakes, I came home to a vase filled with beautiful red roses.

Not only did I not remember that it was our anniversary, I couldn’t even figure out what the flowers were for (or who from) until I read the sweet note that came with them. The only thing I remembered about the date was that Alex turned 14 months old! Talk about being consumed by being a parent.

Zach is truly amazing. It may be cheesy, but he is my rock. He makes me laugh, keeps me from crying, takes care of me when I need it, and lets me take care of him when he needs it. His love for Alex is evident in everything he does, and his smile makes my day every day. Six years together and I can honestly say it has been the best six years of my life.

And the special feelings continue, as I received my first two blog awards! I feel so loved. Seriously!

First, last week I had this kind award given to me by the kind hearted, amazing Pittsburgh Mommy Blogger From here to There and Everywhere! She is a wonderful woman and mother, which is evident by reading her blog and the connections we have made via e-mail. I really hope to have the opportunity to meet her one of these days:

The wonderfully sarcastic, hilarious, kind-hearted, amazingly honest, beautiful young mother Can’t Hardly Wait has bestowed this lovely award upon me:

Seriously, talk about the love!

I’d love to pass on these awards (yes, both! Is that cheating?) to the following amazing bloggers:

Burgh Baby. Because when I need a laugh and a dose of adorable toddler tales, I know I can turn to her blog. She is a wonderful woman, a caring mother, and an excellent writer.

jayesel. Because she is one of the kindest people I have ever met, and I enjoy reading about her life, her husband and her adorable daughter.

Red Pen Mama. Not only do we share very similar views on many topics of life, she is amazingly fun (and funny), has two adorable children and is an excellent writer.

Jennifer. Because she is immensely caring, absolutely hilarious, and a fantastic writer. What more do you need in a blog?

Laski Gal. I am in love with her style of writing. She shares fascinating stories of her life, both past and present, and has a son right around Alex’s age that is just oh. so. cute.

My Crazy Life With A Toddler. Because she’s fun, sweet, has an adorable daughter, and has become one of my favorite blogs over the last few months.

The Burgh Blog. Have you read Pitt Girl, yet? If you haven’t, go now. She is hilarious. You don’t even have to be from Pittsburgh to get a kick out of her writing. Hilarity is unavoidable.

Also? I’m on Top Momma, at least momentarily. So Click! and Click! and Click!

7 thoughts on “The One Where I Feel Special and Loved

  1. *gasp* Would you believe, I’ve been blogging since 2000 and I have NEVER received a blog award? And now, in one shot, I get TWO?? SQUEEE! Thanks girlie 🙂

  2. You are so damn sweet. I’m giving you extra cookies at the swap. *mwah!*

    You know this kind of makes me feel bad for having sent that letter about you to What Not to Wear, right? Total guilt.

  3. Thank you for the awards! I will get them up as soon as I am able. must have a beer now. long day, longer tomorrow. I need the love!


    PS you ARE pretty special, too. You know that right? 🙂

  4. Awwww, you’re sweet comment really touched my heart. I’m glad you like my blog. I really try. You’re a sweetie. I’m glad you and I made a connection and became blogging buddies. Thanks so much for the award. Also, this was a very awesome post about your family. You’re a very lucky girl. Family is so important. Take care my friend.

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