Who Needs Pants?

When we are at home, Alex rarely wears pants. Wearing pants all the time makes the already annoyingly-squirmy diaper changes even worse and means I have to do that much more laundry. More importantly, there is something so amazingly cute about a baby wearing nothing but a diaper and a shirt.


Wearing his cloth diapers, it is a cuteness overload. The fact that you can match a diaper to a shirt makes the no-pants-look even better.

Leaning against the wall

Of course, there is also the fact that babies wearing full outfits are adorable, too. Something about putting miniature adult clothes on a baby gets me every time. Alex wearing his nice jeans, or cargo pants, or plaid shorts, with a polo shirt, nice sweater, or a hooded sweatshirt, always makes me smile.

Hanging out

Bugs and Google and Baby, Oh My!

While prepping the grill the other night to make burgers, we had a few visitors. There were four or five little creepy-crawly-hard-shelled things hanging out on top of the grill, and a few more on the porch and between the screen and door. More importantly, there was a nice big praying mantis just holding onto the side of our grill. We pushed him off, but he didn’t seem to want to leave the porch. He clearly thought the green suited him.

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis

Yesterday, Alex, Zach, and I were all wearing our Google gear. I wish we had taken a picture of all three of us, because it was a pretty funny sight: Alex wearing his Google onesie, Zach wearing his Google hoodie, and me wearing my Google fleece jacket. That evening, I drank water out of my Google Camel Bak at dance class.

Unfortunately, Alex was little out of sorts yesterday. Not sick, but not a happy camper. He was cranky all morning, and was pretty inconsolable all afternoon and evening. All the same, we did a photo shoot that morning. I couldn’t pass up the cute Google onesie time, especially considering I have not been taking that many pictures of him lately:

Wearing Google Onesie

(That’s our new rug he’s walking on!)

Wearing Google Onesie