The Ghosts and Ghouls

Halloween came and went too quickly.

My Mom came over to “see Alex’s response to the trick or treaters” and before saying “Hi! How are you?” or even, “Hi, Alex!” she told me that she was carving my pumpkin. She went right into the kitchen, grabbed some knives and trash bags, and started carving the pumpkin out on the front porch.

Once it was the designated Trick or Treat time, we sat outside with our big bowl of delicious candy and waited. And waited. Where are all of the kids? Finally, we got a few. And then a while later we got a few more. I guess our neighborhood isn’t a big Trick or Treat neighborhood after all.

I dressed Alex in his Darth Vader costume, which he was not amused with, instantly throwing off the hat while shedding a few tears as I attempted to snap the 20-odd snaps, and we went two houses down from us for his first experience having strangers hand him candy.

He put the candy back.

And then the nice woman gave him a small bag of candy corn again.

And then he put it back.

When we left to go to a friend’s house for a Halloween party, again he refused to take the candy that was offered to him. (Although when we were at the party, he wouldn’t stop eating all of the candy corn sitting in a bowl on the table.)

Babies are lucky they are so cute. Otherwise his refusal to take candy from the nice ladies would have been rude.

Alex in his Halloween costume

2 thoughts on “The Ghosts and Ghouls

  1. Sumo took candy. He went Trick-or-Treating in his wagon and we discovered once we got home that he had consumed a few pieces while he was in the wagon. Like the lollipop that he half-ate and then threw back into the bucket with the other stuff. It was … um … sticky. And gross. But it didn’t stop me from eating some of his candy!

    Anyway, I love the Darth costume. It’s so cute!

  2. James took the candy, and he even said Dah-da (thank you). But he HATED wearing his devil costume. I mean.. HATED it. Look at Alex, so freaking ADORABLE.

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