Nothing But Love

All credit goes to Jennifer for not only posting the amazingly adorable photos of her owl cupcakes, but also being kind enough to e-mail me a detailed description on how to make these guys!:

Owl Cupcakes for Halloween

My cupcakes (above) did not look nearly as good as her perfect little owls but I was still thrilled with how well they turned out. I’ll definitely make them again, even though cutting Oreos was a painstakingly awful process and I forgot to scrape off the little bits of dark cookie on the frosted side so the owls’ eyes look dirty. Next time I’ll even have junior mints for the eyeballs instead of M & M’s.

But Oh. My. God. were they delicious!

5 thoughts on “Nothing But Love

  1. You are crazy – they are SUPER cute and turned out beautifully!

    I think I’d probably make them again, now that I know all the pain points and can try to avoid them (and now that I have a nice little stash of banana Runts), but yeah, cutting those Oreos sucked. I had a lot of casualties…

    Glad they turned out so perfectly for you. 🙂

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