Run Run Run and Run

Alex loves to run. Run, Run, Run, and Run. His favorite way to run is holding hands with someone. Tonight, Zach spent a good twenty minutes holding Alex’s hands running back and forth across the living room, around the dining room table, into and out of the kitchen.

When people say that most of your time watching a toddler will be spent literally chasing them from place to place they aren’t kidding. Once Alex could crawl it became a constant chase. Now that he can run I will never have a minute to sit down calmly.

Not that I have successfully found any minutes to be calm since he was born.

4 thoughts on “Run Run Run and Run

  1. Yeah the only ‘calm’ time we have is when Maggie’s asleep. And by then, we’re so exhausted all we can do is lay on the couch and try not to drool everywhere 😉 LOL

  2. I can’t get over how much older Alex is looking these days. Blows my mind!

    My nephew did the running/hand holding thing. I think he liked holding hands because it meant he could be more reckless and not worry about falling down. Speed Demon.

    I hope you’re all well… and although I’ve said it a million times… I love these snippets, keep ’em coming.

  3. It’s weird, but comparatively speaking, Monkey was not as active as Bun. Bun is a freaking tornado compared to her older sister. She’s got one speed, just like Alex: RUN. She grabs my hand and yells, “Run!” Just like Alex. Good on Zach to run around with him. Hey, it tires the little one out, right? I’m all for it. Fortunately, I have Monkey to chase/be chased.


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