Busted Camera

I have so many wonderful pictures on my camera. Beautiful pictures of Alex, adorable pictures of Zach and Alex, and hilarious pictures of being with my friends. I can’t get them onto my computer, though.

Something is clearly wrong. It could be my computer, which I have a box that it will fit into perfectly for it’s trip to the smart Apple people who are going to fix it. It could be the camera. It could be the USB cord that connects the camera to the computer. It could be me, but I’ve been using this camera for quite a while now and never had this problem before.

I have a picture of the huge bruise on Alex’s nose from being bonked on the head with a chair. I have some adorable pictures of Alex and Zach running together, and a few of Alex running by himself. I even have some hilarious pictures of the ridiculousness that was my night of freedom.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to share them.

3 thoughts on “Busted Camera

  1. Oh, gosh, A. I hope it all works out. Oh, goodness. I lost six months of pictures when my camera got steam in it from Houston humidity. I know how hard it is.

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