The Screaming

Alex has started screaming.

Full blown, top of his lungs, mouth wide-open, screaming.

He screams when he’s sitting in his highchair without any food. He screams when I put him in his playpen in order to take care of something. He screams when he’s bored. He screams when he’s tired. He screams. He’s not crying, not talking to himself, just screaming. Loudly.

It’s not cute.

He screamed while we were grocery shopping today. I was looking at the eight thousand different varieties of pasta and was apparently taking too long. While I was debating between some brand name or store brand rigatoni, he just started screaming. He was staring at me while he was screaming, as if he was saying, “Do something about this! I’m bored!”

Fortunately, I had a box of Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese that he could shake and chew on and entertain himself with. Until, naturally, he dropped it in the next aisle. And screamed some more.

4 thoughts on “The Screaming

  1. Oh no the screaming. I remember those days. I couldn’t even go grocery shopping with my little one. I use to bring tons of food and toys in my purse to keep her busy. One thing I wish that I never did was take her out of the cart. She finally realized she was free to run. Boy was that a mistake. If I have another baby I’ll never take them out of that darn grocery cart while I’m shopping. Things will get easier. I promise. Take care.

  2. sounds earily familiar…and telling a 14 month old to use their “indoor voice” does no good at all 😉

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