Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies

I just finished baking the last batch of cookies for the Burgh Mom Cookie Swap. There are about 180 cookies in all. Do you know how long it takes to bake 180 cookies? A long time, let me tell you. And it was a long time having to smell deliciousness emanating from the kitchen without eating all of the gooey, chocolaty, sweetness.

Peanut Butter Peanut Butter Cup Cookies. Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yum.

Recipes for both are forthcoming. At least, to the best of my ability. I screw with recipes a lot, but I will attempt to remember what I do every time I make these cookies. I don’t really use measuring cups or spoons, except for the simple fact that they fit perfectly into small boxes of baking powder and baking soda; I just go by my memory of what the measured amounts are supposed to be and then what those measured amounts look like. At the end of the mixing I go by consistency. Too sticky? Add more flour!

5 thoughts on “Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies

  1. holy crap!! You made 180 cookies??? I made like 70. Why are our numbers so off??? gah… see you in a couple of hours!

  2. OMG. These cookies are TOTALLY awesome.

    I love cranberries.

    I love White Chocolate Chips.

    And my LOVE peanut butter.


    Can’t wait for the recipe.

    Nice meeting you in person tonight.

  3. Good heavens that’s a lot of cookies!

    They sound awesome though. I love white chocolate and cranberries. I would have never guessed to mix them together! 🙂

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