Up, Up, and Away!

Alex’s new favorite word is “up” and he says it all. the. time. He wants someone to pick him up, he wants something that is too high up for him to reach, he wants you to look at something that is above his head. “Up. Up. Up!”

With the horrendous teething that is occurring right now, he isn’t sleeping well. Last night he woke up twice, and nothing would get him back to sleep except me holding him for about half an hour. When he would finally pass out, I would very, very, carefully place him in his crib. If I put him down too quickly, or when he wasn’t fast asleep, he stood right up, looked at me and said, “up!”

How do you ignore when someone so small and sweet looks at you and says, “Up! Mama! Mamaaaa! Uuuup!”

It’s hard. Especially knowing that he is in pain and is only being clingy because of that pain.

Mmm cheese

5 thoughts on “Up, Up, and Away!

  1. Stupid molars.

    I hate them because I keep thinking they’re all the way out and then I look in there and see that like 1/4 of the tooth is still in and not out, yet. JUST END IT!!!!!

  2. Up is one of Caleb’s favorite words too. He always wants me to pick him now when I am holding Emma. I think he might be a little jealous.

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