What’s Been Missing

It’s been a hard six weeks. Not being able to load pictures onto my computer has been unfortunate because not only could I not share any pictures, but also I was not taking as many.

Here is a small sample of the past six weeks:

Alex discovered that pushing around real life objects is way more fun than pushing around his toys that are, you know, made for being pushed around.
Alex had a bruise on his nose and eye from a chair. It looked worse in person than I was able to capture on camera.
Alex learned that running while holding hands? Way better than trying to do it by yourself.
Alex learned one of life’s most important lessons: candy is one of the best things ever.
Alex learned how to “smile” for the camera. Such a ham, that kid.

4 thoughts on “What’s Been Missing

  1. It’s like deja vu! Diego, my 13-month old, is scarily right there with your cute little guy. His favorite new “game” is pushing around sticks, chairs, and rolls of gift wrap. Brooms and dustpans are also incredibly interesting. During Halloween he discovered M & M’s are beyond delicious, (kept signing “more” and “please”) and he’s trying to run on his own now, but just looks like he’s waving his arms like a crazy person while walking faster. I think I may use your idea and help him run while holding his hands! Great idea.

    Your son is freakin’ adorable!

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