Friday Five

  1. What’s a profession you believe to be overpaid? Professional athletes. Not necessarily all of them. I understand that it’s generally a dangerous profession, what with all of the injuries, and that sports bring money to communities. But the ones who are no longer performing well but are still under contract? Yeah, them.
  2. Who’s a musician you believe to be overrated? I can name a lot of modern “artists” that are overrated in many ways (Britney Spears and the like come to mind), but they aren’t musicians. When it comes to people who are actual musicians, as in play and write their own music? How about John Mayer? Phish? I don’t know, really. I’m not a musician, so who am I to judge? (And I like John Mayer and Phish.)
  3. What in your life could stand to be overhauled? My schedule. It needs some serious help. Between school and taking care of Alex my life is always a bit of a mess.
  4. What’s something interesting you recently overheard? I think that these two posts sum that up nicely.
  5. Who is the most overextended person you know?These days, who isn’t? I feel like everyone I know always has a million and one things going on. It’s hard to find time for, well, anything. I do know one woman, an old friend of the family, who does more than the average already overextended person. Not only does she have a more-than full time job, she is also on her neighborhood council, plans events for various companies, is throwing me a graduation party, and seems always to be doing something that I can never fully grasp.

2 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Ugh – I think those CEOs of those stupid American car companies are waaaay overpaid. I mean – getting paid billions of dollars to run a company into the ground?! *shudder*

  2. Probably all CEOs of major corp. are overpaid. How do the rich keep getting ridiculously richer?
    And I like your picture of your baby and hubby, how similar the pictures are, weird huh?

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