Who Needs Sleep?

Last night, Alex decided that sleep was completely overrated. At just before one, I heard him hootin’ and hollerin’ in his crib. I poked Zach, in my nearly-always failed attempt to get him to deal with Alex for the more and more often occurring middle of the night wakings.

I spent the next hour rocking, sitting with, shhh-ing, and rubbing the back of, Alex. He fell asleep on my chest a few times, only to decide when he was put back in his crib that he was not amused. Insta-stand! “Up!” “No!” and then tears. “Up!”

He wouldn’t even sleep in our bed. Our warm, comfy, parent-filled, bed. He just kept sitting up.

Finally, Alex decided at about 3:30 that it would be okay to sleep for a few hours.

Fortunately for him, Zach’s parents are still in town. So when Alex woke up for the day I got to continue sleeping and didn’t have to groggily and angrily feed, change, and entertain.

Also fortunately for him, he’s been doing more cute things that melt my heart. Like accept a kiss from a Power Ranger. And then give the Power Ranger a kiss. All while saying “mmmmwah!”

I even have proof of the kiss types: one and two! (Although kisses type two are much less damp with the Power Ranger.)

Receiving a kiss

Giving a kiss

Birthday Hair

I got my hair cut last week. It was the first haircut I’ve had in a long time where I walked away saying, “Wow! I love this!” The stylist was great, complimented my hair numerous times, and took the time to tell me how to blow dry my hair properly.

On Thursday night, I decided it was time for a change in color. I haven’t dyed my hair since before I found out I was pregnant with Alex. Needless to say, it was a mess. The last few inches of it were still dark red, while the rest was my natural color: mousy brown. I figured with a new cut and my graduation party the next day it was the perfect time to make a change.

While it’s a little redder than I was expecting, I like it.

So, now I have new hair. New hair that helped me celebrate my graduation on Friday night and new hair that will be there with me to celebrate my Birthday tomorrow.

Some Things Are Just Too Cute

Sometimes Alex does things that are so cute I just want to pick him up and never let go. Fortunately for him, he’s quite heavy, so I can’t keep holding him for very long.

Exhibit A: Now that Alex can say “hi!” we have a new favorite game to play in the car, or at the store, or walking around the house. I like to call it the “hi! game” and it is exactly what it sounds like. The game begins when one person says, “hi!” The other person must then respond with a “hi!” in the same intonation. There may or may not be waving involved, and Alex always starts the game and decides when it ends.

Exhibit B: Kisses type one. You see, most of the time when Alex decides it is kiss-time, he doesn’t actually kiss you. He opens his mouth and leans in as if he is going to give you a nice wet one, but then at the last minute turns his head. He continues his movement in your direction, though, and insists that you give him a kiss.

Exhibit C: Kisses type two. Now, every once in a while when it is kiss-time Alex actually gives kisses. They are wide mouthed, full of spit, and generally land right on your lips. Big, sloppy, mouth-on-mouth baby boy kisses make me the happiest person in the world. Even while I’m wiping the drool off of my face.

Exhibit D: He says “nom” when something tastes good. Yes, I successfully taught my son to say that yummy things are “nom nom nom” and I am so proud of that.

Seriously, some things are just too cute.

Smiley Baby

Two Weeks From Yesterday

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming!

I’m a huge dork. I love Christmas. I love the holiday season, the cheer it brings people, the gifts given and received, the time with family, the wine, the dressing up, the snow, the delicious food. I love going to stores (or, more often, Amazon.com) and browsing around thinking of all of the people in my life that I love, trying to find that perfect gift.

This year, money is particularly tight. As it is for just about everyone, I imagine. There will be no computers, cameras, designer jeans, DVD after DVD, video game systems or other fancy toys.

I have to admit: I don’t care. Sure, presents are wonderful. And sure, I love giving and getting really nice gifts. But what it’s really about is family. Real family, pseudo-family, whatever you consider family is family. It’s about spending time, quality time, with the ones you love.

And it’s about Santa hats. It’s definitely about Santa hats.

Christmas Photo (one of the many)

Hopefully This is a Good Thing

Yesterday afternoon I walked into Alex’s room after his nap. I heard him babble a bit a few minutes prior, so I knew he was awake even though it was silent in his room when I was walking toward it. When I walked in, he was sitting in the corner of his crib.

“Out!” I think he said out, at least. He threw his arm towards the door and stayed sitting in the same spot. Maybe he just said “up.”

“Hi, Alex!” I said in my cheery-yet-wishing-he-was-still-sleeping way.

“Out!” I think he said out again. And again he was definitely gesturing at the door.

I asked him if he wanted me to leave, and he said “Out!” again. So, I left.

I twittered what had just happened and checked my e-mail. When I heard him babbling to himself again, I went back in to get him. He greeted me with a nice, happy, “hi!” and a big, stinky, diaper.

Alex insists on popping a squat in private. He must do his business mostly out of view, but if you happen to be able to see his face he will maintain eye contact.

Hiding behind his play pen, or a chair, or a table, he will squat, do his business, and then peek out and say, “Boo!” He often includes a nice tap of his diaper after he’s finished, even though he doesn’t really want you to change it.

I’m hoping this is a good sign for future potty training endeavors.


Who Calls a Baby “Fat”?

At Macy’s yesterday, an old woman called Alex fat.

She meant it in a good way. “He looks like he has a healthy appetite! I just hate seeing those skinny babies. He’s nice and fat.” The Old Lady was trying to be endearing, and I think trying to make conversation with me. Unfortunately for her, I neither found her comment endearing nor did I have any desire to chat with a stranger while I was attempting to shop with my squirmy son.

Also, he’s not fat. Babies are not fat. They are babies. They are chunky, chubby, nom-nom-nom-able. And, really, Alex…fat? Not a chance. He has chubby cheeks, but his belly? Muscle and skin. His thighs? No rolls. In fact, he only had a short period of time where he had a leg fat roll. Sure, he still doesn’t have ankles or wrists, but he’s not a fat baby.

I love me some chunky babies. Big ol’ bellies hanging out over their diapers, rolls upon rolls on thighs and arms and triple chins all make me smile. But by a few weeks of age, Alex had lost his multiple chins and chunky-monkey status.

This afternoon, Alex had his 15-month checkup. He has the same general stats as always: he’s pretty tall, and not very heavy for his height.

He is 33.75 inches tall, which is the 97th percentile for height. He weighs 24.7 pounds, which is the 50th percentile for weight. So, clearly, he is not a fat baby.

He’s a Godzilla Baby.

Godzilla Alex