Who Calls a Baby “Fat”?

At Macy’s yesterday, an old woman called Alex fat.

She meant it in a good way. “He looks like he has a healthy appetite! I just hate seeing those skinny babies. He’s nice and fat.” The Old Lady was trying to be endearing, and I think trying to make conversation with me. Unfortunately for her, I neither found her comment endearing nor did I have any desire to chat with a stranger while I was attempting to shop with my squirmy son.

Also, he’s not fat. Babies are not fat. They are babies. They are chunky, chubby, nom-nom-nom-able. And, really, Alex…fat? Not a chance. He has chubby cheeks, but his belly? Muscle and skin. His thighs? No rolls. In fact, he only had a short period of time where he had a leg fat roll. Sure, he still doesn’t have ankles or wrists, but he’s not a fat baby.

I love me some chunky babies. Big ol’ bellies hanging out over their diapers, rolls upon rolls on thighs and arms and triple chins all make me smile. But by a few weeks of age, Alex had lost his multiple chins and chunky-monkey status.

This afternoon, Alex had his 15-month checkup. He has the same general stats as always: he’s pretty tall, and not very heavy for his height.

He is 33.75 inches tall, which is the 97th percentile for height. He weighs 24.7 pounds, which is the 50th percentile for weight. So, clearly, he is not a fat baby.

He’s a Godzilla Baby.

Godzilla Alex

11 thoughts on “Who Calls a Baby “Fat”?

  1. You’re right, Alex is TOTALLY not “fat”! But he does have pinchable cheeks, doesn’t he? Hmm, maybe the old lady meant Alex is PHAT!
    Now, Little Bear… she was one FAT baby! I wish I had a picture to post, but I wasn’t digitalized back then yet. She was a REAL roly-poly! 🙂

  2. Nope, he’s not fat. I think he looks perfect. Plus aren’t babies suppose to be chubby. My little one was always chubby and I liked it like that. My mom would always ask me, “What are you feeding this kid?” LOL!! At least we know our kids are healthy. Right?

  3. I call babies fat and mean it sweetly. They have chunks, rolls, & thunder thighs. It’s not a bad thing – I’m sorry it upset you – he will change so much the next 10 years he’ll be a little of everything. I was always in trouble for mine being too skinny. Ignore people, Allison just love the boy.

  4. James is about almost 36 inches tall. He’s a big boy. But he is not fat. He has a lot of muscle to him. Maybe our kids will be in the NFL or NBA together and make us happy mothers with lots of money.

  5. Definitely not fat. She probably just doesn’t know the words to say “nom nom nomable.” Blame it on a generational thing? I always love it when people say Diego is such a beautiful girl….um…yeah….

  6. He’s beautiful – and not at all fat. Some people say the strangest things.

    Check this out: When I was pregnant with my son, who’s now four, I was in my mid-THIRTIES. A lady at the office I worked at (big office, so you can’t know everyone), made a comment about how nice it is to see “old Moms”.

    (???!!!) whatever….

    Your lil’ guy is NOT fat – he’s perfect 🙂

  7. He is perfect. And that picture? How great is that he looks like he’s making reindeer antlers and it’s perfect with the suite. I think old people are rude just because they think they can be. Kaiya is like 90% on her head and 50% on the rest and what does her unamed family person say? My her head is too big isn’t it? Like she can control that! Ack on all of them.

  8. I hate when people tell me my kid is fat. He’s a BABY still.

    When he was 15 months, he was 34 inches tall and 33 lbs. So he’s bigger than your kid, but still … I don’t think he’s fat.

  9. I love chunky babies. I always say, “fat babies are happy babies” but I mean it in the best way. I wouldn’t ever call a stranger’s baby fat, though! I wouldn’t comment on size at all if I didn’t know the parents of the child. It can sound rude, even if it’s not meant to be. “tall” is a safe adjective, or commenting on chubby cheeks or big eyes. but anything else and you’re straying into the unknown.

    And I’ve never heard a baby described as “nom, nom, nomable”. But Alex definitely is!


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