Hopefully This is a Good Thing

Yesterday afternoon I walked into Alex’s room after his nap. I heard him babble a bit a few minutes prior, so I knew he was awake even though it was silent in his room when I was walking toward it. When I walked in, he was sitting in the corner of his crib.

“Out!” I think he said out, at least. He threw his arm towards the door and stayed sitting in the same spot. Maybe he just said “up.”

“Hi, Alex!” I said in my cheery-yet-wishing-he-was-still-sleeping way.

“Out!” I think he said out again. And again he was definitely gesturing at the door.

I asked him if he wanted me to leave, and he said “Out!” again. So, I left.

I twittered what had just happened and checked my e-mail. When I heard him babbling to himself again, I went back in to get him. He greeted me with a nice, happy, “hi!” and a big, stinky, diaper.

Alex insists on popping a squat in private. He must do his business mostly out of view, but if you happen to be able to see his face he will maintain eye contact.

Hiding behind his play pen, or a chair, or a table, he will squat, do his business, and then peek out and say, “Boo!” He often includes a nice tap of his diaper after he’s finished, even though he doesn’t really want you to change it.

I’m hoping this is a good sign for future potty training endeavors.


8 thoughts on “Hopefully This is a Good Thing

  1. That IS a good sign for the potty training, I think!

    My daughter used to do that. My nephew used to hide behind the couch every time he had to poop, and if you peeked at him he would do this weird growling thing at you… lol.

  2. I think that sounds like he is almost ready for the johnny throne! James will poop, and then take his pants and diaper off, so I think he is almost ready, too. haha

  3. What a cute story. I remember my little girl doing the same thing. Except she would go hide in her bedroom. Thanks for the chuckle.

  4. How precious. Kaiya will sometimes run over to her diaper changing station and point to it but we’re still miles away from the whole potty training thing. I do think awareness is the first step though!

  5. That sounds like a good thing. Mine is all nonchalant about pooping and doesn’t care yet WHERE he does it or WHEN he does it or WHO is watching. He just does it.

    I am afraid we’ll be in diapers for a LOOOOOOOONG time yet!

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