Two Weeks From Yesterday

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming!

I’m a huge dork. I love Christmas. I love the holiday season, the cheer it brings people, the gifts given and received, the time with family, the wine, the dressing up, the snow, the delicious food. I love going to stores (or, more often, and browsing around thinking of all of the people in my life that I love, trying to find that perfect gift.

This year, money is particularly tight. As it is for just about everyone, I imagine. There will be no computers, cameras, designer jeans, DVD after DVD, video game systems or other fancy toys.

I have to admit: I don’t care. Sure, presents are wonderful. And sure, I love giving and getting really nice gifts. But what it’s really about is family. Real family, pseudo-family, whatever you consider family is family. It’s about spending time, quality time, with the ones you love.

And it’s about Santa hats. It’s definitely about Santa hats.

Christmas Photo (one of the many)

9 thoughts on “Two Weeks From Yesterday

  1. Santa hats are totally hawt.

    As for the gift giving? Well – I have gotten WAY out of control with toys this year. TOTALLY out of control. See it started with good intentions. I figured “I’ll start shopping early to spread out the Christmas gifts over many paychecks.” And then? I ended up just buying way MORE gifts because I figured “Oh I’ve got money for this.”

    I’m out of control!

  2. Long after the presents have been opened and forgotten, memories of the time we spent together will be what we hold onto most tightly. Thank you for the timely reminder of what really matters when the holidays roll around. If only more folks shared your perspective.

  3. I love Christmas too. I agree, it’s not about the gifts, it’s all about family. Your little ones outfit is just so adorable. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

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