Some Things Are Just Too Cute

Sometimes Alex does things that are so cute I just want to pick him up and never let go. Fortunately for him, he’s quite heavy, so I can’t keep holding him for very long.

Exhibit A: Now that Alex can say “hi!” we have a new favorite game to play in the car, or at the store, or walking around the house. I like to call it the “hi! game” and it is exactly what it sounds like. The game begins when one person says, “hi!” The other person must then respond with a “hi!” in the same intonation. There may or may not be waving involved, and Alex always starts the game and decides when it ends.

Exhibit B: Kisses type one. You see, most of the time when Alex decides it is kiss-time, he doesn’t actually kiss you. He opens his mouth and leans in as if he is going to give you a nice wet one, but then at the last minute turns his head. He continues his movement in your direction, though, and insists that you give him a kiss.

Exhibit C: Kisses type two. Now, every once in a while when it is kiss-time Alex actually gives kisses. They are wide mouthed, full of spit, and generally land right on your lips. Big, sloppy, mouth-on-mouth baby boy kisses make me the happiest person in the world. Even while I’m wiping the drool off of my face.

Exhibit D: He says “nom” when something tastes good. Yes, I successfully taught my son to say that yummy things are “nom nom nom” and I am so proud of that.

Seriously, some things are just too cute.

Smiley Baby

10 thoughts on “Some Things Are Just Too Cute

  1. What fun games. So cute. You sound like such a great mommy. Sorry to hear about his surgery. Yes, it’s totally scary. I guess we are in the same boat and ready to freak out. My little one had surgery on her eyebrow when she was only one. It was at University of Michigan hospital, which is suppose to have one of the best pediatric units in the country. Though that didn’t calm my nerves any. LOL!!! I guess you just find a way to get through it. It’s just hard watching your child in pain. I’ll be thinking about you guys and hoping for the best. Take care.

  2. He is so cute! Pufferfish used to play that same “Hi” game! Now that she’s a little bigger she still says “Hi” so exprssively, but she knows how to add the person’s name to it. So all day long, we hear, “HI, Nee-nee! HI, Daddy! HI, Mama!” Little kids have such sweet voices, too, don’t they?

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