Who Needs Sleep?

Last night, Alex decided that sleep was completely overrated. At just before one, I heard him hootin’ and hollerin’ in his crib. I poked Zach, in my nearly-always failed attempt to get him to deal with Alex for the more and more often occurring middle of the night wakings.

I spent the next hour rocking, sitting with, shhh-ing, and rubbing the back of, Alex. He fell asleep on my chest a few times, only to decide when he was put back in his crib that he was not amused. Insta-stand! “Up!” “No!” and then tears. “Up!”

He wouldn’t even sleep in our bed. Our warm, comfy, parent-filled, bed. He just kept sitting up.

Finally, Alex decided at about 3:30 that it would be okay to sleep for a few hours.

Fortunately for him, Zach’s parents are still in town. So when Alex woke up for the day I got to continue sleeping and didn’t have to groggily and angrily feed, change, and entertain.

Also fortunately for him, he’s been doing more cute things that melt my heart. Like accept a kiss from a Power Ranger. And then give the Power Ranger a kiss. All while saying “mmmmwah!”

I even have proof of the kiss types: one and two! (Although kisses type two are much less damp with the Power Ranger.)

Receiving a kiss

Giving a kiss

2 thoughts on “Who Needs Sleep?

  1. With every passing day, I see more and more Zach in that kid. Amazing!

    I’ve never kissed a Power Ranger. Clearly I’ve been missing out.

    Happy New Year!

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