It Was Not The Worst Day Of My Life

The night before Alex’s surgery I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned, my mind unable to calm down. Even though I knew it would be okay, I was worried. I was worried that something would go wrong. I was worried that he would be a terror for days on end following the surgery.

The surgery center we went to was modern, clean, and the nursing staff that took care of him before he went into surgery was wonderful. There were some toys to play with, but most of all Alex wanted to play with the teeny tiny blood pressure cuff and push around the little cart that carried it.

He wore the cutest little hospital gown, covered in puppies holding balloons. He ran around, a bit out of control due to his hunger and thirst, and was generally very charming to everyone. He even made a 17-month old friend.

When the Doctor came to take him away, he didn’t cry. He waved and said “Bye Bye” to us as she carried him through the door to the back where he would have his surgery.

The second the door shut, I started crying. No matter how hard I tried to compose myself, I couldn’t hold it back. Once we were in the waiting room, I immediately took out my iPhone in attempts to distract myself. Fortunately, it worked. And before I knew it the Doctor came out and told us that Alex was sleeping, everything went well, and we could see him when he woke up.

He was crying when we were allowed into the recovery room, and the nurse holding him said that he was fine until he realized that she wasn’t anyone he knew. I held him while he slept for a long time. His little hand had an IV in it and his thumb had a blinking red pulse oximeter attached to it.

Most of the day following the surgery he spent sleeping. By the next day, he was basically back to normal. He ate a big dinner, ran around, played with his toys and made a mess. With the exception of his poor sleeping, he was typical Alex.

Alex eating after surgery

Kids really do recover fast.

8 thoughts on “It Was Not The Worst Day Of My Life

  1. I was wondering what all must have been going on in your head. I’m so glad that things went well and that your boy is all fixed up. Now we can all take a nice big breath and relax a bit.

  2. Yea for Alex.


    Congrats Mom, you are stronger than you thought possible and isn’t that a great thing to know.

    Sounds like he is almost himself again.

    I’m very pround of you. You are an awesome mommy!

  3. I am so glad is just fine. But I know exactly how you feel! My Caroline has had quite a few surgeries (obviously, her condition is a bit different), but every time she went in and the doors closed, my heart just dropped to the floor. I absolutely hated every second of the wait. And, luckily, Caroline was really not aware of what was going on. But seeing the other, older, “normal” kids going in and leaving THEIR parents? It absolutely killed me too! Yup, bad memories there…

    I hate hospitals….luckily you were in a surgery center, a little better!

  4. Yay! He’s all better! Chloe has those thermals too, but in a girly pattern. I would have cried too. Enjoy your little guy. P.S. Wish I had an I-Phone or at least a Blackberry with Facebook, lol.

  5. So glad everyone is okay! Any type of surgery or procedure is nerve wracking for parents. I try to forget the day Bun went for a CAT scan and the ordeal with the IV. Still makes me shudder.

    Back to enjoying your son instead of worrying about him! Yay!

    and stay warm. holy cats, it’s cold.


  6. I got tears in my eyes when you talked about the blood pressure cuff and hospital gown. I’m sure I’d be hysterical if Sophia had to have surgery, even something ‘routine’.

    I’m glad everything went well. 🙂

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