Favorite New Toy

When Zach and I first bought our CamelBaks, Alex fell in love. He has remained ever so passionately in love with these water bottles. In fact, I think it was these water bottles that made Alex fall in love with all water. “Wa Wa! Wa WA! WA WA!”

It wasn’t until pretty recently that Alex finally figured out that he needs to tilt his sippy cup in order for any liquid to come out. Before he had that realization, he would just suck away on the mouth, eventually throwing the sippy cup across the room in frustration. The CamelBak? All he had to do was bite and suck. No tilting necessary.

It was a match made in heaven. And, honestly, it still is. The first thing he says when he comes into our bedroom is “wa wa!” He points and repeats “wa wa!” over and over again until he is given full access to his CamelBak. The giggling and smiling, bouncing and pointing, and then pure joy that comes across his face as he is able to drink water is absolutely marvelous.

CamelBak Love

Now if I could just get him to drink milk as excitedly as he drinks water…

3 thoughts on “Favorite New Toy

  1. Ok this made me REALLY excited to read … because MY SON IS IN LOVE WITH MINE, TOO! I purged mine about six months ago and got the “bpa” free kind, but he doesn’t mind the change. He LOVES LOVES LOVES them and will lug around this ginormous water bottle thing all day. It’s fantastic. HAWT!

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