The Illness That Wouldn’t Die

First, Alex got sick. He had a fever, a constantly running nose, and was a very unhappy camper.

Then, Zach got sick. And I was feeling a little under the weather, but nothing terrible. Zach was worse than Alex had been. Delirious, nauseous, and obviously very ill. I thought I had missed most of whatever it was.

Then, I got sick. Really sick. So sick that I couldn’t move without getting more sick, and probably was about to dehydrate myself in a serious manner if I hadn’t been able to keep down some gatorade last night.

Now, I still feel awful. My head is fuzzy, my throat is still sore, coughing makes me gag, and while I can keep some food and drink down, I haven’t been able to eat or drink much without feeling nauseous.

At least I lost a few extra pounds this week.

Climbing UP the slide, naturally

11 thoughts on “The Illness That Wouldn’t Die

  1. Was it the flu? I had the flu a couple of years ago and I felt like this. And yes, the only benefit was I lost five lbs. Not worth it.

  2. Welcome to my world! My god, though, it’s NOT fun. I’m glad you’re maybe feeling a bit better… and you have the wherewithall to at least try and keep your electrolyes balanced.

    Get 100% better soon. 🙂

  3. Ugh, sorry to hear you’ve been so sick! sounds miserable! and its always worse when you have little kids around, because you can never totally relax.

  4. Hey I like the new look. Poor baby, it’s no fun being sick. Hey I linked to you on my Sunday post, that was good info you had!

  5. Oh dear! Do feel better! The only thing worse than being sick, or having a sick little person, is having a sick man in the house! Many hugs and much rest to all of you!

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