Why I’m a Sucker

Saying “no” to Alex is easy for me most of the time. He wants to play with knives? No. He wants to push over our speakers? No. He wants to eat a stick on the ground? No. But sometimes he makes it impossible.

We end up going to Target a lot. And I mean a lot a lot. To keep him entertained I either open up a box of crackers or let him play with a small toy until I am finished. We always return the toy right before we check out, and he always gets upset when I have to take away his crackers in order to pay for them.

Today we went straight to the back of the store to look at the larger toys, and what did I have to hear? “Elmo! Elmo! Elmo! Elmo!” over and over and over again. He spotted the Elmo toys. I immediately regretted the decision to walk down that aisle.

I picked up a stuffed animal Elmo (who is also a puppet) and handed it to him. “Elmo! Mama! Elmo!” He was so very excited.

We were grabbing a few items here and there, and I was all set on putting Elmo back before we left. But then Alex suckered me.

“Mwah!” He gave Elmo a kiss.

“Mwah!” He gave Elmo another kiss.

He hugged and kissed Elmo again and again.

He held Elmo up to me and asked, “mwah?” until I kissed Elmo.

If you saw some woman kissing Elmo at Target the other day? That was me. Kissing Elmo again and again.

“Mwah! Awww. Elmo!”

So, I bought Elmo.

I’m a total sucker.

Alex and Elmo

10 thoughts on “Why I’m a Sucker

  1. oh GAWD. Maggie can spot that little red guy from across the whole store, even if he’s teeny tiny on the side of a box or something. It’s insane. I’m a sucker too, so you’re not alone. Maggie loves those Sesame Street crackers!!! She’s very into the alphabet ones with Cookie Monster on them right now (those are more like cookies, actually)

  2. He reminds me so much of Pufferfish! She does a lot of the same things.. She loves Elmo too, and she loves kissing stuffed animals, especially Elmo! She also kisses pictures of animals and babies that she sees on my computer. I wish she and Alex could be friends! 😉

  3. Guess what!?! YOU are so not alone. Guess who has the same one? Guess who ended up buying it in the EXACT same way???


    Meet Sucker #2.

    If they weren’t so dang cute . . .

  4. We never had an Elmo phase, doesn’t make me any less of a sucker.

    Oh, and I am a sucker.

    Big. Huge.

    They have the store manager come out and greet me as soon as I take a step near that Target. They roll our a red carpet for me, welcoming me inside. OH I AM A SUCKER.

    Guess it’s the Target’s fault.

    I hate you Target.
    [i really really do not, nope, never]

  5. A few caves now & then can’t hurt. 🙂 When you’re ready to lay down the law, the best way to do it is tell him upfront before you even get in the store. This is my usual speech: “Ok, now we’re not here to buy any toys or candy today, so don’t even ask.” Of course, my girls are a bit older, so it works better!!

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