You Can Learn A Lot At The Zoo

When Alex and I went to the zoo a few days ago, he taught me a lot of things.

This here guy? He is a “meow!”:


Oh, and this guy? Just another “tweet tweet tweet!”


I knew before we got there that the monkeys would make Alex happy. Every single monkey he saw needed to be recognized. “Eee aah! Eee aah!” And let me tell you, there are a lot of monkeys. Most of them were running around, swinging, jumping, climbing everything they could and picking bugs out of another monkey’s fur. The gorillas were a little lazy, though:

Gorilla at the zoo

As we were leaving the monkeys I was told “mo! Mo eee aah!” a few times, until we caught sight of another “tweet tweet tweet.” The lovely peacocks that roam the zoo, and, as Alex taught me, always lead you to good places. His insistence that we follow the peacock led us right to lunch.

My biggest lesson of the day didn’t come until later that night when we were home. Alex successfully learned how to climb up his parental units just like the monkeys do.

Definitely a monkey

8 thoughts on “You Can Learn A Lot At The Zoo

  1. hehe aw 🙂 We’re planning to take Maggie to the zoo on her birthday at the end of the month, I hope the weather holds out!

  2. Awww, he’s so cute. We’re going to the aquarium this weekend, but I dont think James will do anything but scream “FINCH” which means fish.

  3. I love your pictures. I am glad he had such a great time and obviously he showed you that night that he even learned something!


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