The First Missed First

I missed a first.

The first first that I’ve missed. And it is a cute one.

I was there when he smiled, giggled, said “mama,” “baby,” crawled, walked, and did every other milestone. I got to see the first time of everything. But not this time.

Last night, while I was having a lovely dinner with my Mother, Alex started saying “hello.” Like Horton.

But the cuteness? That stems from the fact that Alex can’t yet say his “L” sound. So when Zach says, “Helloooo” to Alex, Alex returns in the exact same intonation, “Herrooo!”

I’ve been making him say it all. day. long. Herrooo!

Loves the wind.

7 thoughts on “The First Missed First

  1. I love this photo of him!

    And don’t worry…we could all kick ourselves at times for missing this or that, but it’s more important for him to KEEP saying “herrrooo” than to say it only once/for the first time.

    What a cutie!

  2. It is so hard missing these moments. My hubby sometimes doesn’t want to tell me about them because I get so upset. I have to remember how hard it is though for him to be the one home all the time with her. Maybe it was really precious for him to get to experience a first for himself for once? (I say that because in my house its me: 2 and hubby 72.)

  3. That is too cute!!

    I dread missing a first with my little one; although I know it’s bound to happen.

    (And the photo is so adorable!)

  4. I can’t wait to hear him say “Herrroooo!” Must plan family-oriented get-together . . .

    That photo of him is PERFECT. Love it!

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