Hand? Hand! HAND!

For some reason, Alex finds it necessary that I am always giving him my undivided attention. Most of the time he doesn’t even want to interact with me, he just needs to know that I am there. Watching him. Only him. Every once in a while he will check in and make sure I am not doing anything else. If I’m on my phone? I get yelled at.

He discovered a while ago that if he reaches for my hand I give it to him. And once he has my hand he can take me exactly where he decides I should be. This, unfortunately, means he can also trick me into getting out of my seat so that he can sit in it instead. It also means that he can bring me to sit down on the floor with him where he is “reading” his books. He just wants me to sit there. Nothing else. He doesn’t want me to read to him, he doesn’t want to point at things and have me tell him what they are. He just wants me there. With him. Doing nothing else.

Now that he can say “hand” the demand has become even more direct. He asks nicely, sometimes even adding a “peas?” in with it. Then he just tells you. Then he orders you. “HAND!”

And then he ignores you.


8 thoughts on “Hand? Hand! HAND!

  1. This is pretty funny, but also pretty cute. I’m sure it must drive you crazy every now and then, but it must also be so sweet to know that you are all he wants in the world in those moments. Just you =)

  2. aw, haha Maggie’s trick is ‘kwan!’ which means ‘come on’ and she drags us around the house. She too enjoys having me just sit and watch her play. I’m not allowed to participate though- just watch.

    I love that khaki jacket. It’s adorable!

  3. Bun is exactly the same way. If I should pick up a book or be on the phone, she has to throw herself at me to get my attention. Even if she was contently playing by herself mere seconds before. While it can be sweet to be so needed, sometimes you just want to read a danged “grown up” book. 🙂

    Love the zoo pictures, too! Hope to get some of my own soon.


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