A Boy And His Food

Like most parents of toddlers, I have a constant supply of snacks with me. Even on Friday night when the Burgh Moms got together I found a small bag full of crackers in my purse. A selection of Elmo crackers, Cheddar Bunnies, and some Gorilla munch. You know, Just In Case.

I learned the hard way that having something for Alex to munch on at all times is an absolute necessity.

Alex loves to eat. This kid can eat his weight in food, often a few times a day. This morning? Two waffles, two pieces of banana bread, a handful of grapes, some strawberries and a small bowl full of cereal. After hearing “mo? peas?” over and over again, I would give him more food. And then more. And then more.

It shouldn’t surprise me that he eats so much. Not only has he not slowed down in his growth yet, he also runs all. the. time. It’s a rare moment when he sits down for more than a few minutes to read a book or play with something. The vast majority of the time he is running back and forth, demanding my hand to take him outside so that he can run up and down the block, climbing up and down the stairs again and again, climbing onto and off of the couch, running around the dining room table and tackling me. And then repeat.

So, I guess when he’s running around he needs to have a bite every few steps, right? Makes perfect sense.

Happy to be snacking

He was actually still sick when we went to the park on Friday when this picture was taken. He still ate all day long.

8 thoughts on “A Boy And His Food

  1. haha too funny, because Friday night I found a bag of Goldfish crackers (RAINBOW!) and Honey Bees in my purse 🙂 You know you’re a mom when you find that stuff shoved in your pockets and purses. hehe

  2. That’s been my biggest shock as a mom; the need to have “munchies” in my purse at all times. If I don’t have them, things go sour… QUICK!!

  3. Reminds me of a boy we just met at the park, he was eating all of Kaiya’s snacks and his poor mother was mortified b/c I guess he steals everyones food, but I just felt bad for her, and now for you. I mean, imagine when he’s a teenager! You’ll have to stock the fridge!

  4. I’m so glad I’m not the only one whose kid eats obscene quantities of food. I eventually just cut my kid off, though, because it’s just ridiculous.

  5. I’d say he’s going to eat you out of house & home by the time he’s a teenager!! That’s more food than I can eat for breakfast! 😛

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