Naughty Words, Kinda Cute

Alex can finally make the hard C sound. It’s music to my ears after my worry about his language development.

He now says “duck” and “park” and “walk” and “book” and all sorts of other words that end with c sounds. For the most part, he doesn’t have a ton of words that start with hard c, with one exception that comes to mind:

Hard C. O. Hard C.

You know? Caulk. Only not quite. Caulk, rhymes with Rock. Got it? Good.

Now say it three times fast, very loudly, and you are saying Alex’s favorite expression right now.

Well, that and “yoguk!” (Yogurt.)

It’s a good thing he’s so gosh darn cute.

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10 thoughts on “Naughty Words, Kinda Cute

  1. Oh dear! Ironically, that’s how my FIL thinks caulk is actually pronounced! I have corrected him repeatedly. The toddler must understand that caulk has an L in it, or certain Pittsburghese-speaking people will no longer be allowed to talk in front of my son!

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