Loving The Ladies

As I’ve mentioned, Alex is a bit picky when it comes to other children.

It has only been in the past few weeks that I’ve finally made the connection: he really, really, likes “older” girls. Never once has he followed a boy around. Never once has he even smiled at a younger child, girl or boy.

At the park the other day, instead of his typical habit of following his momentary crush around and whispering “hi” every five seconds, he actually made contact. Now, typically? He doesn’t want stranger children to touch him. In fact, he screams. When a child tries to push his way past Alex, who, admittedly, goes up stairs very slowly, a blood curling scream will be let loose from Alex’s mouth.

But this girl was special, apparently. He grabbed her hand and they walked around together. Holding hands. They crossed the bridge, walked up some stairs, and crossed a few paths. Holding hands.

Holding Hands!

At the same playground, about two weeks ago, we ran into two of his fellow daycare buddies. Sisters, about 3 and 2. When we first saw them, Alex wanting nothing to do with them. He immediately wanted me to pick him up and he kept saying, “no!” and “mama!’ over and over again. I’m pretty sure he thought I was leaving him at daycare. Once he realized that I was not leaving him? Well, he fell in love.

Even though he bawls his little head off when I leave him at daycare, he asks all week long when he is going to see this girls. He asks for them by name. He even “calls” them on the phone.

At dinner last night, I asked him to tell his Great Uncle and Aunt about his new girlfriends and he smiled, shyly, and said both of their names.

My little man is growing up. ::sniffle::

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