10 thoughts on “What Follows Hilarity?

  1. HA! I love it! That’s like a double bonus for you, not only do you get to enjoy that infectious grin and I bet it’s a very adorable laugh you then get some peace as kiddo snoozes away!

  2. LOL. Yep. Sounds about right. Isn’t it funny how they droop over their seats when the pass out in the car? All I know is that if I woke up from a nap like that, I’d be sore for a few days… 🙂

  3. Yep, I was LOL over this. Bun is exactly the same way. Sometimes she tips into crying and screaming, unfortunately. Which makes the eventual pass out even more sweet.


  4. Just stopping by to say “Hi!”, and had to laugh at this one! So true. Unfortunately, I think I’m like this a lot of the time. I’m so tired, I’m slap happy so I laugh deliriously, then five minutes later, I could fall asleep. You know, if I was a kid, and had no responsibilities.

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