He Just Has Good Taste

Alex is a bit of a picky child. Not when it comes to eating. No, when it comes to eating he will eat just about anything you give him. He is picky about other children. As in: he doesn’t like most of them.

He seems to like almost all adults that he has met. There have only been a select few that he has taken a strong dislike towards. Children on the other hand? Well, he seems to dislike most of them.

When another child tries to play with him, most of the time he runs away screaming “no no!” Granted, he is quite young to be playing with other children. But all the same. He runs away from most kids. If the kid tries to touch him? He screams in their face.

Every once in a while, though, he meets someone he really likes. So far, it’s always been an “older” girl. At the playground yesterday Alex found one such lucky lady. She was about to turn two. Every time she saw Alex she said, “Hi, baby!” and Alex coyly said hi in return.

Everywhere she went, he went. Everything she did, he did.

His "crush" in the background

Well, except the slides. He’s still pretty scared of slides.

Taking a break