Marching for Tiny Ones

Something happened.

When Maddie died, things changed. People came together. Her passing brought many tears to my eyes, and the second I saw that there was a Pittsburgh team walking for Maddie and March of Dimes I had to join. Because when that beautiful little girl died, something happened. In all of us.

People who had never heard of Maddie were brought to tears by her death. People who have lost children of their own, people who have children that were born prematurely, people who have never once even babysat a child…all of us were affected.

So now, Pittsburgh is coming together. The Burgh Moms and Dads team has raised over $3,500 now, and I just know we can get to $4,000 by our walk on Saturday.

Can you spare one dollar? Two? Maybe even ten? I have done what I can, and I hope you will too.

Are you in Pittsburgh? Can you join Our Team?

Please, think about donating in this beautiful little girl’s name. Please click here to make a donation through my page, or click here to make a donation through the Pittsburgh Moms and Dads Team.

Think of her:

I’ll be thinking of my own son, who was in the NICU for four days after his birth. We were lucky, and he is perfectly healthy. I’ll be thinking of all of the babies who we have lost, all of the babies we have saved, and all of the babies that we will one day be able to save because of advances in medicine.

My baby? May not have made it if it weren’t for IV fluids and Bili Lights to help his severe jaundice. I’ll be thinking of that. What will you be thinking about this Saturday?

Think about donating. Every little bit helps.

5 thoughts on “Marching for Tiny Ones

  1. For Maddie. For Alex. For Evan. For babies everywhere and parents who should never have to know what that feels like.
    See you tomorrow at the March. I hope Alex and Evan become pals. I’m packing tissues but I hope we won’t need them.

  2. Yay for you and I hope that parents/babies everywhere will feel the love from the donations/research put into this cause.

  3. I had no idea about your son being in the NICU after his birth. You would never know from looking at him. My husband was born jaundiced too. It’s amazing how much modern medicine can do for babies born with difficulties. I’m glad that organizations like the March of Dimes exist to further our medical knowledge for the next generation of kids too.

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