Little Tiny Smooches

The fact that Alex loves to kiss makes me happy. Very happy.

When Zach gets into the car every evening after we pick him up from work, Alex gives him little tiny kisses on his fingers, stretched back to reach the car seat from the front seat.

Before bed, Alex asks for lots of kisses. “More Mwah?” is something he says to me almost every night. If he doesn’t say it, he makes the kissy sound and sticks his face near my face. He needs a lot of kisses before he is willing to go to bed.

He kisses anything and everything that he likes. Whether that is his parents, a stuffed animal or the water coming out of the faucet in the bathtub, if he likes something it deserves a kiss.

But yesterday? Yesterday was possibly the happiest moment of my life.

Walking into the backyard of his home day care, I saw the four kids playing in the grass. The owner was gathering sippy cups, and Alex was kicking a ball around.

The owner waved and said “Hello!” and before I knew it, I heard “MOMMMMYYYY!” coming from Alex’s mouth (I won’t get into how it breaks my heart that he is calling me “mommy” more often than “mama” these days). He ran as fast as he could, arms flailing and legs tripping over themselves, with a huge grin on his face. When he reached me he said, “Hi! Up!” In my arms, he said “Mommmyyyy….” in a calm voice and gave me a big kiss on the mouth. His head nestled into my neck with a smile stretching to his ears and he whispered “mama.”

That night I made sure to give him extra kisses, even if he didn’t ask for more.

"Mwah Wawa!"

8 thoughts on “Little Tiny Smooches

  1. I absolutely LOVE it when Maggie does the ‘running at me at full speed’ thing when I pick her up from daycare. No better moment as a mom 🙂

  2. Awwwwwe!
    I too love being run for at full speed! Though lately he would rather run to the “ca” so it can take him home to his “da-y”. I have been replaced…

  3. Awww! That has got to be the BEST feeling in the whole world.

    I love the picture “kissing” the bathtub

  4. That is so sweet 🙂
    When we pull up at Heidi’s daycare, if she’s outside, she’ll yell, “MOMMY!!! DADDY!!!” when she sees our car. But she won’t come near us because that means that we’ll be taking her away from having fun. 😦 *heart break* We usually have to chase her to get her into the car….

    She loves us and all, but she’s a social creature and likes to be around her friends. Already. At 2. GREAAAAT. 😛

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