Who Told Him He Could Turn Into A Kid?

When did this happen?

All of the sudden, out of the blue, with no warning at all, Alex has become a kid.

We have conversations. I mean, they aren’t particularly deep conversations, but they are conversations nonetheless. He has a personality, and he’s not afraid to share it. He has opinions about everything. Not only does he walk, he runs. Not only does he jump, he pretends to fly.

He tells me what he needs in words 99% of the time. The other 1% of the time he will take me to what he needs or otherwise show me.

My baby is no longer a baby. He is no longer helpless.

Alex up and turned into a kid. How do I make it stop?

Still Has Chubby Cheeks

5 thoughts on “Who Told Him He Could Turn Into A Kid?

  1. I used to want to make it stop but so many things are easier when they have words. Yeah, they can also use those words in ways we wish they wouldn’t but I’ll take that over unexplained crying/screaming any day. There’s also the diaper thing. That makes me not mind growing up so much too.

  2. Isn’t it crazy how out of the blue it is?? It happened to Maggie a couple of months ago. The conversations are the strangest part… like, didn’t I just BIRTH YOU? How are you telling me about your day?

  3. I have no idea, but let me know if you ever find out. He is such a cutie.

    My 3-year old daughter just asked me yesterday, “when can I have a husband?”

  4. It is definitely bittersweet. I love the babies they used to be, and I still love watching them sleep, but at the same time I’m wondering where I can move the cereal and cereal bowls to so they can start getting their own breakfasts in the mornings. Especially weekends.


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