My Little (and Dirty) Scaredy Cat

Alex is such a scaredy cat. There have been the rare occurrences that include him going down a slide, but for the most part slides seem to scare him quite a bit.

Our trip to the Zoo with some lovely Burgh Moms on Saturday was a blast. How could it not be? Four kids between 20 months and just over 3? Awesome.


There were a few meltdowns, but considering how long we were there the kids were fabulous.

And, of course, Alex was the only kid who wouldn’t go anywhere near the slide. When Kelly offered to even go down the slide with him, Alex screamed “NO!” He really, really, didn’t want to go down the slide. But the other kids had a blast climbing up the incline and then going down it, fortunately never managing to kick my likes-to-stand-and-sit-on-the-end-of-the-slide kid in the face. (Or maybe Burgh Baby is right: When he does get kicked in the face he’ll finally learn.)

Instead of playing at the playground by, you know, playing with the playground equipment, Alex decided that the mulch was much more fun. He ended up getting a bit dirty (this picture doesn’t quite show the fact that he not only tried to eat the mulch, but he also made a shampoo out of it). But he was thoroughly enjoying himself, and for the most part was distracted from entering the tunnel maze that I was convinced he was going to get lost in. No way could my smaller-than-it-used-to-be-but-still-big butt fit in there.

Playing with mulch

And what would a day to the zoo with four young kids be without a group shot?

Group Shot

This day made me happy. The cuteness alone was enough, but being able to spend some time with some awesome Burgh Moms made it even better. Even if most of that time we were distracted by chasing our children.

10 thoughts on “My Little (and Dirty) Scaredy Cat

  1. this day made me happy, too! so glad we got it to work! and all in all the meltdowns were nothing more than would be expected as naptime neared. than goodness for strollers :)!

  2. We had such a great time too 🙂 🙂 I loved when Alex was using the mulch as shampoo. heehee…

  3. I agree with Burgh – a good kick in the face will teach him. My kid seems to have more-or-less learned the “don’t stick your hand in the door” lesson … ouch!

  4. I was sorry to miss this — especially since we went to the zoo the next day. Glad everyone had a good time, and the cuteness is full effect in those pictures!


  5. I have a very dirty child, who first hates grass,t hen is fine playing in it… Then starts eating it. I don’t even want to think about mulch yet. ::shudders::

    So did the mulch shampoo make his hair super soft the next day? ‘Cause I might be in the market if it did….

    I love these pictures. I need you, Kelly & Michelle to help me figure out a way to make my husband think it’s *his* idea to move back to Pittsburgh.

  6. Aw… zoo. I was just thinking about the zoo and how we haven’t been in forever! It sounded like a ton of fun, and yes, you have to always get the group shot.

  7. What fun! Your son is adorable, and my daughter does the same thing with mulch and dirt. She would prefer that than heading down a slide, too.

  8. The scaredy cat always ends up being the most gutsy one in the end… REALLY. (I was gutsy at his age and am a wimp now. Hubby? He was a wimp then, and now he’s so gutsy it’s insane!!)

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