Who Needs Sleep? Well, You’re Never Gonna Get It.

What is it about kids that makes them so anti-sleep? When did we, as adults, reach the point where we no longer really cared what else was happening and could sleep?

Alex has never wanted to miss a thing. It doesn’t matter what is going on, he needs to be there. He needs to see, hear, taste, touch, be a part of everything. This trait of his does not lead to much sleep–on his or my side.

I’m finally realizing that he goes through stages of sleep refusal. For weeks at a time he will sleep through the night, but then BAM! he stops. He wakes up a few times a night and generally very early in the morning. He takes shorter, restless, naps. He fights going to bed at night.

As suddenly as it comes, it goes. He’ll go back to sleeping through the night and taking good naps (good for Alex is over an hour, sometimes as much as two). Putting him to bed at night is a breeze and he wakes up in the morning happy.

Then the sleep-refusal stage comes back. And it’s hard. For me and Alex. Alex is tired, but refuses to sleep. So he becomes more tired. No one needs to hear about what happens when a toddler is tired, so I’ll just say this one word: TERROR.

Thank goodness he’s cute. And he’s lucky he knows it because he is able to completely manipulate me into forgiving his terrible behavior and lack of sleep. “Mommy KISS? Mmmmwaaah! Mommy and Baby HUG? Mmm Hug.”

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6 thoughts on “Who Needs Sleep? Well, You’re Never Gonna Get It.

  1. I am reading your blog with one eye barely open because my kid would not take a nap today. he went to bed late, fell asleep in the car for ten minutes and when I took him upstairs to sleep he refused. Could be his reflux…or it could be what it’s always been…he doesn’t want to miss anything either.

    So what do you do? I’m going to get a soda and try to keep myself going. . .

  2. Wuzzle has been that way from day one. And of course the times she is a PITA about sleep is when I need it the most.

    Fortunately they do know how to work the cute factor!

  3. I think I still am this way sometimes. Maybe some people are just wired to not want to miss all the cool stuff going on. Kaiya came toddling in one night when hubs and I were up watching a movie and eating candy and she had this I KNEW IT! look on her face.

  4. yep. right there with you.

    With Bun I think it’s less activity-oriented — I don’t get the sense from her that she feels she’s missing anything. As long as her big sister is in bed, too, of course. But I think she goes through dream cycles. I have discovered that “monster spray” (febreeze) helps a big bunch.

    Now, if I could just get my bad self to bed earlier…


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