Kennywood Day

Zach’s office has an annual Kennywood day. I had been looking forward to going for weeks. Between the fact that I haven’t been in at least six years, and the fact that I assumed Alex would enjoy going on rides, Kennywood Day was keeping me going day after day during my stressful last few weeks.

While I wouldn’t say Kennywood Day disappointed, it wasn’t quite what I was hoping. I’m not sure why I thought it would be any different than it was, really. When did I decide that Alex was old enough to behave well for an entire afternoon? When did my mind forget that he was still pretty attached and wouldn’t ever go on a ride without me or Daddy? Why did I think he would sit still and eat his food at a bench, not tied down in any way?

It wasn’t all bad. Alex was quite charming on the drive to Kennywood with a few of Zach’s coworkers. He smiled and waved at numerous people as we were walking around. He loved the pink lemonade that we had an endless supply of, provided by Google and Kennywood.

There were a total of four rides that we could go on with Alex. While he is technically tall enough to go every ride in Kiddie Land (and, in fact, many of the big rides), most of them are for kids only. We went to the little kiddie swings, which I thought would be a good ride for him to do by himself, waited in line and had a long conversation about what was going to happen:

“Do you want to go on the swings?”
“Do you want to go around and around and around?”
“You know Mommy isn’t going to come with you, right?”
“So, you will be going all by yourself?”
“Yeah. No Mommy.”
“I’ll put you down and that nice woman will help you get in your seat okay?”
“Yeah. No Mommy. Ride!”
“Okay. No Mommy. Just Alex.”
“YUP! Ride!”

I put him down, he walked toward a swing, and when the ride attendant woman tried to take his hand and help him? He turned around, looked for me, and ran away from her. (As Zach pointed out: at least now we know he will not just go off with some stranger!) She lifted him over the little tiny fence, sighed as she handed him to me (um, seriously? You are pissy about the fact that a kid isn’t being perfect and you work in Kiddie Land?), and that was that. “No Mommy? No ride.”

Riding with Daddy

So, Zach and I took turns going on the same four rides with him. Again and again. And again. Zach and Alex shared some ice cream, Alex and I shared a Giant Bag of Cotton Candy, and we took some nice long walks around the park. Zach and I looked longingly at the Big Rides, plotting how we are going to get rid of Alex some day and night and go on every single one of them*.

When dinner time rolled in, Alex was nearing the end of his rope. I will spare you the details, but he threw a royal fit. Screaming, kicking, throwing, hitting. It was awesome, let me tell you. I told Alex if he didn’t calm down and stop throwing, kicking, screaming and hitting, we were going to go home. I warned him that if he didn’t stop, he wouldn’t be able to go on any more rides.

And then we had to leave.

There was absolutely no surprise that he fell fast asleep in the car after a minor scream-fit while getting him in his car seat.

Asleep in the car

*And I’m plotting, ferociously, about how when we make it to Kennywood next time I will consume a funnel cake. I will eat that eighty bajillion grams of fat and enjoy every single bite of it (post-gallbladder-removal surgery, of course).

10 thoughts on “Kennywood Day

  1. Do get yourself a babysitter! Can you swap with another mom? I know money is tight here too, and we’re already planning a date night when my husband’s parents come to visit next week. We need it so badly!!

  2. Our Kennywood day is in 2 weeks. I am not sure how Peanut will do.

    @BurghRealtor suggested an adults only trip. Perhaps we need one!

    **Did this go to spam? 🙂

  3. You will be amazed at what a year does- last year at Kennywood, Maggie was only interested in riding with us, so I really wasn’t expecting her to be so into it this year!

    BUT! An adult-Kennywood day sounds AWESOME. We rode a few things because we had Grandma there, but it would be great to go back and have at it without the kids 🙂

  4. This looks just like Jonathan did when we went to an amusement park…the ending that is. the middle part surprised me. he wanted to go on each and every ride and didn’t care if we were with him or not. I was surprised as he usually wants mommy or daddy. Not that day.

    Little Mr. Independent. Scared the crud out of me how brave he was, actually!

  5. We took our older kids to Kennywood since they are tall enough and old enough to go on all the rides. My 8 year old son rode the Pitfall, Phantoms Revenge and Swingshot. I was amazed. My 9 year old daughter rode only a few rides, she was still scared!
    My husband and I used to go every year, just the two of us, without the kids…what a fun day!
    I have no idea how Lincoln would do on rides by himself, I think he would like it but I’m sure he’d be nervous at first going on without us.

  6. Bun at Kennywood (sans a nap) was a disaster last year. Monkey had a good time though.

    We haven’t made it there this year (yet?), but it will definitely be on the agenda for next summer. We’ll have to work it out so DearDR and I get to ride some rides, too. I cannot remember the last time I was on a roller coaster!


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