I Almost Created a Monster

I’ve been meaning to get Alex’s haircut for, uh, 2 months? His hair grows really fast, and with how thick and uncooperative it is, the second it has the ability to reach his eyes it won’t be found anywhere else. Brush it to the side? It falls right back into the position it wants to be in.

While I was visiting Sarah two weeks ago, my mom took the liberty of trimming the front of his hair. I would have cared if he wasn’t in dire need of it. And, quite frankly, his hair grows so fast that even if she had buzzed it I probably would have still needed to schedule another haircut in the next few weeks. The hair was out of his eyes, so I went on with my life for another two weeks before finally finding the time (and fourteen bucks) to get it cut professionally.

The only problem with those extra two weeks while I waited to schedule his haircut was what happened with Alex’s look. What once was just messy, outgrown, hair, had become a…a… mullet. Not a full, real, classic Pittsburgher loving mullet, but it was obviously shorter in the front and much longer in the back. My poor kid was turning into such a Pittsburgher. Once I realized that, I scheduled his haircut.

Behold, new and improved Alexander! No mullet!

"Come Over Here, Mommy!"

5 thoughts on “I Almost Created a Monster

  1. He is SO handsome. And there is NOTHING wrong with mullets, business in the front, party in the back!

  2. No, not a mullet! LOL πŸ˜‰ I should post pictures of Kurt when he was sporting a mullet in the 90’s. Thank goodness he cut it before we met or we would either both still be single or I would have a whole lot more blog fodder on him. πŸ˜›

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