The Best Yet

I’m currently reading Year of Wonders, a story about a 17th century small town in England that gets attacked by the plague. The protagonist loses her two young children to this vicious bacteria carried via fleas, and her loss is just as we would expect: she loses it. She is unable to do her work, think properly, or eat.

When she is confronted by a neighbor who tells her that she shouldn’t have become so attached to her children, that she should never love anyone more than she loves God, she is, basically, baffled. She wonders why God would let her love someone so much if she wasn’t supposed to?

While this is never something I have had to question as I believe that there is no love that can compare to the love of a child, it made me wonder a few things. First, are there people who love their God more than their own children? Second, how is is possible to love someone so very much?

If an adult comes into your life, first you may like them. Then you may grow to respect them. And then, after much time together, you may love them. But a child comes into your life and it’s just BAM love. A more intense love than anything you have ever experienced. (This isn’t to say it happens right away for everyone. I know many people who say it didn’t happen for a few months, or even a few years.) You would do anything, and you do anything, for this new person. This new, helpless, little person that just entered your life.

From the moment I saw Alex, I was in love. I sobbed with a mixture of joy from seeing his tiny little perfect face and fear of what his future life would be like. Will he be happy? Will I be a good mother? From the moment I saw his tiny button nose, I knew that I would forever and ever be his. I would be his mother, but it would be more than that. I would do anything for him.

As Alex continues to grow it is becoming more rewarding to have this intense love for him. He runs with a huge grin on his face and asks for a hug whenever I’ve been gone for more than a few minutes. He gives me kisses, asks for more kisses, and sometimes will give continual kisses for minutes at a time.

Today he said, “I wuv yooou.”

How could anyone not love that more than everything else in the world?

Mr. Bright Eyes

12 thoughts on “The Best Yet

  1. First time either of my kids told me that on their own (not just repeating it back to me), I burst into tears, and I’m tearing up just reading about Alex saying it to you. What a sweet, sweet boy you have. 🙂
    I think the founder of our daycare said it perfect when he described our children as your heart with legs.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree; BAM you love them! You’d do anything for them.

    It’s the most wonderful thing in the world when my daughter (almost three) comes up to me out of the blue and gives me a big hug and says “I love you!” It’s the greatest thing you can hear on any day, and can completely turn around the worst of days. They (kids) are wonderful!

  3. I also fell in instant love with Jonathan. Has he said “I wuv you?” *sigh* not yet, but when I ask “Do you love me?” He says “uh-huh.” It’s cute!

    I can’t wait until he actually says: “I wuv you!”

  4. Oh, I loved Year of Wonders!

    Remember, though: they lived in different times. While it’s natural for us as moms to be attached to our kids, back then, mortality rates were so high — for kids and for mothers — that I can understand the viewpoint. I don’t agree, but I can see where it comes from.

    I’m glad we live in today’s interesting times. The health care’s better.

  5. I agree. Your child is a part of you. The love is without question. Nothing could change that. I think loving God is totally by an act of faith. You can’t see Him or touch Him so it’s something that’s inside you. I think loving your child is a little glimpse of how God feels about us.

  6. Awww! That is the absolute sweetest thing ever.

    There is definitely no love like that for your child. No way to truly describe it either.

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