At Least It’s Not “Why?” (Yet)

Alex doesn’t really understand questions. He doesn’t get the who-what-when-where-why when I ask him, and he never asks any of them, either. (That’s not entirely true. He understands “who?” and “where?” quite well, but he doesn’t say it.)

I’m sure that it’s coming, but I’m happy to not yet have to deal with all of the WHY? questions.

Instead of the WHY? questions, we get a special kind of question here. When something changes, his TV show goes to commercial, a ball rolls under the table, his tower falls down, he asks, “What happened?”

More specifically, he asks, “What happened to the ____?”

“What happened to the ball?”
“What happened to the tower?”
“What happened to the Caillou?”
“What happened to the Daddy?”
“What happened to the Elmo? What happened to the Ernie?”

Everything gets “What happened to the” in front of it.

It’s pretty darn cute.


“What happened to the smiley cookie?” (It broke in half. He was very distraught.)

11 thoughts on “At Least It’s Not “Why?” (Yet)

  1. He is at such a fun age!

    My little sister has been horrible at asking questions her whole life… the world is a question. And she’s asked 5,495,483,504,232 in her 20 years. Seriously, she does nothing but ask “Why” “How” “When”? LOL!

    I love that picture of Alex, he is just such a cutie!

  2. ha yes 🙂 Maggie’s asking ‘why?’ and ‘where’d the ____ go?’ (I think she’s figuring out how things relate to one another, as in, we have to DRIVE to the store, the store does not come to us) Oh the questions…

  3. I get a lot of “What happened to. . .” but my responses are always met with “Why?” Somehow, it loses a bit of the cute when you are trying to figure out how to explain why the man was on top of the woman on the TV (Which OMG! Why do I have to tell people not to watch adult TV when my kid is around?)


  4. Aww… it’s hard not to smile when they get so upset over the smallest things, but of course I guess it’s because they are so small after all!

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