A Little Bit

Just a small peak at Alex’s language:

Language acquisition is fascinating. The way that children learn to communicate is something I would love to one day learn more about. Currently, I just love listening to him figure out new words, learn how to put words together. I love the look in his eyes when he says a full sentence (or two or three) and I repeat it back to him word for word. When he says a new word or sentence and I understand it immediately his eyes light up. When he says a full sentence that I am unable to understand, he sometimes gets very upset, tilting his head down and looking away from me.

My worries about his language development have (pretty much) dissipated. He talks all the time, communicates exactly what he needs, and surprises me most days with a new word (or ten). His narration of his life can be pretty hilarious at times, too:

“Walk walk walk. RUN! I’m running! Going down the stairs. Trying to fall down the stairs! Oh no! No fall down the stairs! Careful, Alex*. Careful down the stairs. Walk walk walk. Getting The Ernie! Oh no! What happened to Ernie’s hat? I broke it! I fixed it! Oh no! Where is the ball? Mommy help. I FOUND IT! Mommy play? Chasing the baby. Mommy chasing the baby. Run run run. I GOT YOU!”

*Yes, he really does say this to himself. Sometimes it’s just “be careful!” in the exact tone that I use when saying it to him, sometimes he uses his name. Which, if you watch the video, you’ll notice sounds little like Alex and more like “ass ix.”

7 thoughts on “A Little Bit

  1. I love language acquisition, too. I thought that was my favorite (and it has been so far), but now Monkey is actually figuring out how to read, and it is freakin’ AMAZING. I am so excited for it!

    Bun gets upset when I don’t understand her, too. So sad!

    Enjoy your little man.


  2. I’d love to watch the video more, but my toddler said “Mo, Wubbzy!” so I had to put more Wubbzy on the computer for him and use this little tiny window off to the side to comment.

    He’s not in charge. Not at all.

    Alex is adorable and i’m glad his speech is coming along so well.

  3. So cute 🙂

    We’re also fascinated by how Maggie picks up language and sentences and all of it. It’s amazing to watch. (and scary, because WOW SHE DOESN’T MISS ANYTHING. LOL)

  4. LOL that reminds me so much of Pufferfish! She always (and still does) narrated all of her actions! “Walk-walk-walk-walk-JUMP!” Little ones are so much fun, aren’t they???

  5. I love the way your write and describe Alex. What I am particularly enjoying about his language these days is the way he uses “the.” For instance, when I was putting him to bed the other night, he quietly cried, “I need the mommy; I need the mommy.”

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