The Happenings: Mobile Phone Edition

There has been a lot of giggling when I’ve actually been able to spend time with Alex.

Mobile Uploads

Mobile Uploads

There have been a couple of morning trips for last minute breakfast. In case you were wondering: Alex loves “cweam cheese” and eats the entire bagel:

Mobile Uploads

We purchased, trimmed and set up our Christmas Tree!:

Mobile Uploads

We’ve all gained approximately eleventy-million pounds, thanks to cookies and other delicious holiday treats:

Mobile Uploads

And, of course, there have been adorable, heart-melting, cuddles:

Mobile Uploads

Also? Alex has moved to a toddler bed! The same bed that his father slept in as a toddler, with a fresh paint job. The bed is shaped like a car and was handmade by Alex’s grandfather about 23 years ago.


One, Two, Three and Bumblebee

The car, wearing a diaper. Naturally.

What, you don’t put your robot-car in a diaper?


A failed attempt at posing with the toy.

"Where's Alex?" "I hiding REAWY well."

He’s not the best at hiding. Especially because when you say, “Where is Alex?” he either says, “I’m here!” or “I’m hiding!” or, my favorite, “I’m hiding reawy well right…here!”