One, Two, Three and Bumblebee

The car, wearing a diaper. Naturally.

What, you don’t put your robot-car in a diaper?


A failed attempt at posing with the toy.

"Where's Alex?" "I hiding REAWY well."

He’s not the best at hiding. Especially because when you say, “Where is Alex?” he either says, “I’m here!” or “I’m hiding!” or, my favorite, “I’m hiding reawy well right…here!”

6 thoughts on “One, Two, Three and Bumblebee

  1. Putting the car in a diaper? Awesome!

    I LOVE the sweater he’s wearing!

    I think we have to play some more hide-n-seek with Abby soon! Right now, she likes to creep into the room on her toes and then jump at you and say “Boo!” (Never mind the fact that you just watched her creep up to you…) It’s very cute. 🙂

  2. Alex learned to put diapers on cars at daycare where I showed him and Ollie that they could diaper cars as well as babies. He remembers everything you show him!

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