The Happenings: Mobile Phone Edition

There has been a lot of giggling when I’ve actually been able to spend time with Alex.

Mobile Uploads

Mobile Uploads

There have been a couple of morning trips for last minute breakfast. In case you were wondering: Alex loves “cweam cheese” and eats the entire bagel:

Mobile Uploads

We purchased, trimmed and set up our Christmas Tree!:

Mobile Uploads

We’ve all gained approximately eleventy-million pounds, thanks to cookies and other delicious holiday treats:

Mobile Uploads

And, of course, there have been adorable, heart-melting, cuddles:

Mobile Uploads

Also? Alex has moved to a toddler bed! The same bed that his father slept in as a toddler, with a fresh paint job. The bed is shaped like a car and was handmade by Alex’s grandfather about 23 years ago.


8 thoughts on “The Happenings: Mobile Phone Edition

  1. Alex is such a cutie! Looks like the time you *have* been getting to spend with him has been quality time. And it’s awesome about the bed! What a wonderful thing to be able to use again!

  2. Isn’t it amazing what kids can eat? Shocking! But only if it’s food they love. LOL!

    What a great bed! Yet another great way to bond with Daddy. 🙂

  3. That’s a huge beagle! I think that would be all Sophia would eat in a day!

    That’s so cool to have a handmade hand-me-down bed!

  4. Wow! He can eat. I love the toddler bed idea but I know Chloe. That girl would be running around the room instead of sleeping. LOL

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