Cwimps-muhss, Oh My

This was Alex’s first Christmas, in many ways. While he has technically had two before this one, this was the first one he had the beginnings of understanding. He knew that it meant we got to bring a “tree? Inside!?” and that there would be presents for him. He knew that we would visit family and have the opportunity to “eat yummy tweats!” He also had some inkling that a man with a red hat would be bringing him gifts and that this man was named Santa.

Now, the whole Santa thing is probably the only thing Zach and I have a bit of a disagreement about. I’m not a fan of Santa, but we will be doing the Santa thing regardless of my feelings about it. This year was no exception, and Alex got a few presents from Santa under the tree.

Santa didn’t get the opportunity to give Alex very many “good” presents, and the ones that were there first thing in the morning for Alex to enjoy were not particularly well received.

Sitting in front of the tree, unwrapped, were two adorable stuffed animals. The kind of stuffed animals that you touch and can’t fathom how they got to be so amazingly soft. The kind of stuffed animals that are just perfect for cuddling.

When Alex saw them, he said, “Pooh and Tigger! Where’s Mickey? I want a Mickey.”

Whoops. I guess Santa didn’t get the memo that Tigger and Pooh are out and Mickey is in.

Christmas Morning

Fortunately, Alex received a Woody and Buzz from us that he is in love with, and life basically couldn’t be any better for a two year old. He runs around playing with them for the majority of the day, making them talk to each other and telling us all about their adventures:

Buzz: “To affinity…and be-onnnn!”

Woody: “You are a toy! You can’t fly!”

“Woody says, ‘howdy howdy howdy!'”

“Buzz has wings on! He can fly! Look, he can fly with Woody! Wooooosh!”

And he surprised us with this one, which I’m not sure is a part of the movie. And if it is a part of the movie, I wish he hadn’t picked it up. But if it isn’t a part of the movie, well…where did he pick it up?

Woody: “Buzz, you want a piece of me?”

Oh, My.


9 thoughts on “Cwimps-muhss, Oh My

  1. well, good news is that is from the movie. so at least he’s not a budding bully on his own!

  2. Glad you had a great Christmas! I love it when kids say things that are beyond their years! πŸ™‚ My favorite when my youngest was 4: “That is so wrong!”

  3. Sounds a wonderful Christmas overall. And I do believe that in Toy Story, that line is in there.. somewhere. Now I will have to watch the move to be sure!

  4. I can’t believe he talks so much. Man, Chloe better get a leg up on that, LOL. Looks like you had a happy Christmas. I hope you got a bit of a break from nursing school too. Happy New Year πŸ™‚

  5. I think you’re on to something with this whole Santa gives the lesser gifts thing. Right now Santa is responsible for underwear and a toothbrush and such at our house, but those are Alexis’ FAVORITE things. I need to take credit for that stuff.

  6. that is a line in the movie, actually, so shew…as your first commenter said, he didn’t make it up on his own.

    (It’s when the are in the car after Buzz has fallen out of the window and he attacks Woody and then in the parking lot Woody says it….oh crap. I’ve watched this movie waaaay too many times with my kid!)

    Jonathan is three this year, but this year really seemed to be his “first Christmas.” He has just turned 2 last year and was not really into it. This year…oh yeah was he into it! In fact, last weekend, after all the decorations were down, he hung his little head and said, “It not Christmas anymore.” He was so sad.

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