Snow Day!

For most people, a Saturday is a day off (at least from work). It’s a day to run errands, play with kids, go out with friends. Today, I was supposed to have a day of clinical. The third day in a row waking up at 5 to be at a hospital all day, and I was exhausted. With news of the impending snow storm, I had thought about calling off and doing a makeup day. I knew that they wouldn’t touch our street, and that the busses would be late, if they came at all.

At 11 pm last night, I received a call: No clinical!

I woke up with Alex at a little before 7am, a nice sleep in these days. We had a leisurely morning, making breakfast, drinking coffee and milk, playing with cars, and watching a bit of a movie.

The snow outside was beautiful. I couldn’t not let him play it in, regardless of the fact that we have neither snow pants nor snow boots for Alex. We ventured out.

"This is silly..."

“This is silly.”

While we’ve had a few snow storms this winter, we’ve never really let Alex play in it. Without snow boots, I rarely even let him walk in it unless it was less than an inch. Today I had to make an exception, and Alex wasn’t really sure what to do with himself.

Playing with snow

While I wouldn’t say he had fun, he certainly seemed to find it fascinating. He picked it up, threw it around, dug in it, pushed it in various directions and, naturally, ate it:

Love this face

“It’s yucky. I don’t wike it. It’s too cold.”

To earn his keep, we put him to work. Sadly, he’s a bit too small to have been of any help. Especially considering the snow reached his chest:


Today? Was a good day. Alex had some awesome quality time with us, I had the opportunity to make waffles and hot cocoa, and I never changed out of my pajamas. Tomorrow is back to school, but today was the first day that I’ve been able to really take a break.

Today was definitely a good day.

Pretty Kid

7 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. You really got dumped on! Glad you had a nice relaxing day! We got about 6″ yesterday and the girls made a snowman – I had to help them stack the enormous snowballs, but other than that – they pretty much did it themselves! I was glad we took a picture because it fell over about an hour later. Oh well!

  2. I love that you finally got a day to truly relax! I would say that I hope we get another snow day so you can enjoy it again, but people would probably throw things at me.

  3. wow, haven’t been here in a while (busy with the new baby!) – Alex is sooo adorable!! i can’t believe how much snow you’ve got over there too.. wow šŸ˜‰

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