Future Health Professional

“Oh no! Mommy! Oh no! He fell down!”

Fortunately, when Alex is playing he uses this super high-pitched voice. I never mistake a serious problem for pretend play, but I still have to react to whatever the pretend problem is: “Who fell down?”

“The man! The wittul fwying man! He fell down and went boom! He’s huwt! Mommy, he needs a doctuh.”

I told Alex to call the doctor so that the little flying man could get some help. We wouldn’t want the little flying man to be seriously injured and not be able to fly around again, after all.

“Otay! I cawed the doctuh. Oh! Da doctuh is here. ::new voice:: Hi, dere. I’m a doctuh. I Doctuh Seuss!

Alex has a cold. Like all people of the male gender, he’s a baby about being sick.

“Mommy, I sick. I need med-cine.”

After feeling his forehead and neck, and recognizing that he could, indeed, use a little medicine, I give it to him.

“Thank you, Mommy. The med-cine made me awww bettuh.”

Later on, he looked at Zach and I: “Umm…maybe I have a fevuh?”

When Zach and I started cracking up, Alex started cracking up too and said, “Nooooo! I don’t have a fevuh. Dat’s siwwy.”

And then again, later that night, as I’m sitting in his room, cuddling before bed, Alex throws one hand up, palm out, against his forehead. The other hand reaches around behind his neck and Alex says, “Mommy? I have a fevuh. I need med-cine.”

At least we never have the how-to-get-a-refusing-toddler-to-take-medicine-without-throttling-them battle. Instead, we have to thank medicine manufacturers for childproof caps and the fact that Alex is a scaredy cat and won’t attempt to climb up high enough to get the medicine that makes him feel awwww bettuh.


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  1. How adorable! My girls love their medicine too – even that nasty bubble gum flavored amoxicillin that makes me gag just smelling it. LOL!

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