Stop It

I asked him, politely, to stop.

Last weekend, Zach and I went away for two nights. Two entire nights I was away from Alex. Before Alex I would never have understood the agony that a parent feels leaving a child for that long. I mean, hello?! You are getting away from your kid for two days! Have fun! Enjoy being a real person again! And I totally did. I forgot all about the fact that I’m supposed to be an adult. It was a blast. Plus, it was a wedding so it was romantic and beautiful and there were flowers and an open bar and there was dancing and it was pretty and it was full of love and happiness and…

I missed Alex. The second I got in the car for the five hour drive away from here I missed him. When it hit me that not only would I not see him the next morning, but also I wouldn’t see him the next afternoon, my heart sank. When I realized that I wouldn’t have to deal with the arguments surrounding food or cleaning up or, well, anything, I felt a small sense of relief. But then I felt sadness. Those tantrums may not be fun, but the moments of pure joy make it all worth it. A slight, sad, pressure hung around pushing on my chest the entire time I was away from him.

And when we returned, when I was able to get a hug and a kiss from little Alex, I realized something:

He didn’t stop it. I asked him to not change, to not grow, to just…stop. I made sure to say please! But he didn’t listen. He grew. He changed in two days. He sounded more mature, finally beginning to pronounce his “r” sound, and he looked more mature, with fading chubby cheeks.


You think if I promise him fruit snacks every day for the rest of his life he’ll stop?

8 thoughts on “Stop It

  1. If you figure out how to make it stop, please let me know. I got new videos of Little C WALKING today and it’s entirely unacceptable to me.

    Ugh. In less than 3 weeks she will be ONE. I can’t handle this.

  2. When Christopher was that age, I had to travel frequently for work, and instead of getting easier every time, it got harder. Although once I got where I was going, I always managed to enjoy my solitude (though I inevitably spent a fortune on gifts to bring home).

    Now that I have two and me-time is even harder to find (and they are a little older), it’s easier to leave them now and then.

  3. When did you first spend one night away? In 10 days or so I’m going to spend 2-3-4 nights away, but Noah will be with Darren. He’s 2.25 and we still haven’t gotten away, away… I can’t wait to get away, but maybe I’ll miss him like crazy once I get that opportunity.

    1. I tried to e-mail you, Autumn, but it got bounced back!

      E-mail me if you can so I have the right way to get in touch.

      Alex started spending a single night away from us when he was pretty little…10-11 months old. There was something a lot harder about the 2 nights away for me.

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