If There’s a Tree, It’s a Forest.

Alex is such a little dude these days. It just amazes me that he is, like, a person.

This is nothing new, and I have no doubt it will continue to astound me every other day, but my god language development is fascinating. And just development in general.

“I wike forests.”
“Oh yeah? What’s in a forest, Alex?”

So, trees are in forests. Good. This is true. For about a week every single time we would pass a tree Alex would yell, “Mommy! Look! Dewes a FOWEST!”

A implies B does not mean that B implies A. This is a very complicated concept, apparently.

Take Target. Now, Target sells, well, everything. It has toys, games, clothes and groceries. And because it has groceries, it is therefore, according to Alex, a grocery store.

Every time I tell Alex we are going to the grocery store, he is very disappointed that it isn’t “da OTHER grocery store. Da one wid da popcorn.”

And to make matters even more complicated, I told Alex that we will be going to see his first movie at a movie theater this summer. At the theater, I tell him, we will get popcorn. “Oh! Our goin’ to see a movie in da grocery store?!”

Of course we are, kiddo. Because that makes perfect sense.

5 thoughts on “If There’s a Tree, It’s a Forest.

  1. Bwahahaha!

    Our newest? “Mom, I wear shoes wit toes?” What are shoes with toes? Sandals. Open-toed sandals.

  2. If I had stayed with languages after college, I’m pretty sure I would have wound up working on language development. It *IS* fascinating stuff. And hilarious.

  3. I checked in on your blog just before shutting down for our trip and found the tree story. Loved it. Language development is definitely fascinating…the amount of learning that is going on right now will never be duplicated in later life. The “dentrites” are growing at an amazing pace.

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