What I Like About You

Dear Alex:

There is so much I love about this age. You are a mere 11 weeks away from turning three, and I just can’t imagine how things are going to get better because they are just so, so, much fun right now.

You talk incessantly. You categorize everything, and make sure I know that nothing in the world is new to you anymore. “Oh, so-and-so has that.” “Oh, I have dat at daycare.” “Oh, Nana always gives me dat.” “Yup Yup! I did dat yestewday.” (Oh, this Yup Yup! thing is super cute in and of itself.)

You tell stories, detailed stories!, about your day. You make up stories about Buzz Lightyear and Batman, Mommy and Nana, all of your friends at daycare.

These stories involve paragraphs. Sentences upon sentences, mostly run-ons. “Once upon a time dewe was a…cowboy! A cowboy named woody and he had a cowboy-girl named Jesse and she wiked to wide on horses and they rided to the park and dewe was cwimbing stuff. And den he fell down and oh no I fawin’ down! Help me! Somebody help me! and den batman came!”

You are silly, and you know it. You purposefully try to make us laugh, and when you succeed? You will continue to do the same thing or modify it to make us laugh even harder. When I chuckle at a silly walk, you do that walk around the room. Five times.

Your imagination is wonderful. Watching you “pick up food” (nothing) from the “refrigerator” (a block) and give it to the “baby” (buzz lightyear) is just adorable. And when you pretend? You tell me, “I’m just be-tending” and that? Is also adorable. You’ve already determined that money makes people happy because you will “givin’ you money” that you “pulled out of ma pocket.”

You have entered the I-love-to-be-naked stage. And I love it. Why wouldn’t I want to see that cute little bum more often? From eating to playing, naked is the way to be.

How to Be

Most importantly, you are the most loving you have ever been. You know when someone is sad, and you want to make them happy. While I’ve been sick for the past week, you’ve consistently given me hugs and said, “Mommy? Awe you still sick? I’ll make you better,” given me big hugs, a kiss on the cheek, and then continued to say, “See? Awe bettuh!” or the occasional, “You awen’t awe bettuh? Aww…sowwy Mommy.”

You ask for big hugs! You ask for little hugs. You run to give hugs.

Before bed every night we cuddle. You curl up on my lap, far too big to sit on it in any way that doesn’t involve curling up, look up at me and say, “I wuv you, Mommy.” Sometimes you softly brush my cheek. Other times you give a pat and a rub on the back.

I guess I can imagine some ways that things will continue to be more and more fun as you get older. But I’m not ready for those changes yet, because my goodness you are the best. Right now. Right now, you are the best. I couldn’t ask for more.

From Your loving, always devoted, Mommy.


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