I Think This Means I’m a Fat Kid (With a Lot of Vices)

The souvenirs one brings back from a trip not only tell a lot about what that person values, but can also tell a lot about the place those souvenirs are from. Obviously it’s possible to get a magnet and a shot glass anywhere, but I easily could have purchased one hundred shot glasses per magnet. And 99 of those would have had the fleur-de-lis on them.

Here is what I brought home with me:

Crawfish mardi gras beads

Naturally, I had to take home some Mardis Gras beads. Fortunately, all I had to do to get them was go to Mardis Gras World. No flashing required.

Shot Glass


A shot glass and magnet were mandatory.

The most appallingly delicious pie ever

The most appallingly delicious pie I have ever had. I ate two while I was there and brought two home with me.


A praline. I’m not a fan, but Alex insisted that I bring him home a cookie from my trip. So, I obliged. And of course, before even giving me a hug or a kiss when I returned he shouted from his seat, “Mommy! You bwought me cookies fwom youw twip? May I have dem now, pwease?”


“Slap Ya Mama!” Um, enough said.

T-Shirt for Alex

The only reasonable t-shirt I could find for Alex. Most of them were neon or said inappropriate things (even for the tots) or had too many sequins or more glitter than is appropriate for anyone, boy or not.

Save Our Shore

Save Our Shore

This beer is an attempt to help out with the oil spill. Remember: everyone drinks down there, so why not make a commitment to donate 75 cents for every purchased bottle? We drank one and then I purchased one to bring home.

Haunted History Tour Fan

The Haunted History Tour paper fan. I didn’t use it on the tour, even though it was hot, because I was too busy enjoying the tour guide and the beer that we, as a group, stopped to get half way through the tour.

Knight and Horse

The gift that my best friend bought for Alex’s birthday. Of course the knight and his horse have the fleur-de-lis plastered all over them.

Hand Rolled in New Orleans, Cigars

Cigars. Hand-rolled cuban cigars.

Louisiana Fish Fry

Some Fish Fry. It was super cheap, and now I’ll be forced to make some fried fish. Plus: YUM.

Cafe Du Monde Beignet Mix

Some Cafe Du Monde Beignet mix. Again, I’ll now be forced to make them. Darn.

6 thoughts on “I Think This Means I’m a Fat Kid (With a Lot of Vices)

  1. OMG, Allison. This is so funny. Doug and I were just talking today about cool places in Pgh that we would love to have wedding or engagement pictures taken. Most of what we came up with were restaurants and, of course, Whole Foods… all of which were completely not appropriate. We’re still up for suggestions.

  2. Those are some great souvenirs, Allison! All of them, really. We always get shot glasses everywhere we go, and often magnets, but definitely shot glasses.

    The name of the Cajun Seasoning cracks me up. I bet you found a lot of different ones like that down there, huh? (I had family in west Louisiana a few years back that we visited, and I remember lots of…exotically-named spices.)

    Good find on the T-shirt, all things considered. I really like that blue, though, so I probably would have picked that one even if it wasn’t the only appropriate choice.

    The S.O.S. beer is neat – and a good donation from the proceeds! Often you’ll read that the actually contribution from your purchase is only five or ten cents, so to hear that 75 cents is donated is excellent. (But that probably makes it a $6.00 beer bottle, huh?)

    Funny how even the cigar box has the fleur-de-lis on it.

    And mmmmm, food! Those both sound excellent!

    1. Dave-

      The Cajun Seasoning selection was wonderful! And yes…lots of exotically-named ones. I was told by a few people that “Slap Ya Mama” was the best, and after putting it on our burgers the other night I must say it is delicious!

      The S.O.S. was actually 7 dollars, but I got it from a bar. It was probably closer to 6 at the grocery stores, but convenience often wins out on price for me 😉

  3. If I would have read this earlier I would have not been surprised by your enthusiasm for NOLA. Not that one needs a reason to be excited by the town, but I loved the sparkle as you talked about ghost tours.

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