Everything you say to or around a young kid is absorbed.

There is no such thing as them not understanding. They get everything. Alex may not understand the exact words, or get the sarcasm, or even know how to respond, but he still gets it. Everything sinks in.

At some point in the recent past, he heard a swear word. My best guess is that one day at daycare, he overheard one of his caretakers saying the word. It was probably when they thought no kids were around, or maybe they were heading up the stairs and assumed the kids couldn’t hear.

Zach was taking the diapers out for garbage night, and Alex ran up to him while he was walking them out and said: “Let me see the damn diapers.”

Um, what?

After asking him to repeat himself it was clear: he definitely said those words.

Alex talks like the people around him, whether that is good or bad. If someone says the d word, he will, apparently, repeat it. For all I know he heard that word months ago. For all I know I said it without even realizing it.

He absorbs it all, and I’ve definitely learned that I have to be very careful. No swear words. Proper grammar. Correcting any inappropriate pluralization or change in verb tense.

He’s not allowed to say “slippy” just because he hears other people using that word. “It’s slippery, Alex.”

He is, however, allowed to start most of his sentences with “so.” And correct everyone by saying “actually…”

But no more swear words. And definitely no slippy.

(I still love that he can’t say his ‘r’ sound. Cheese boogers are way more humorous than cheese burgers.)

6 thoughts on “Osmosis

  1. I’ll never forget the time that my sister told me to ‘shut-up’ in the driveway and my dad yelled out the back door ‘get your ass in here! we don’t talk like that’. It was a tremendous moment in parenting history. I thought my mother would kill him right then and there.

  2. You couldn’t say your r’s until you were 7 or may be even a little older.
    “Let me see the damn diapers? LOL LOL

  3. See.. I think my issue with this part of parenting is the simple fact that my first inclination is to DIE laughing. But that’s the wrong reaction! I guess it will become a lesson in will power!

  4. My favorite is… “Excuse me, excuse me, EXCUSE ME MARKIE!”

    I find myself wanting to do that almost constantly… unfortunately your son’s cute attempt at polite behavior comes across as schizophrenic when I do it.

  5. When I was about six, I was playing with my seven-year-old cousin when something didn’t go my way and I yelled DAMMIT. My cousin ran off to tell on me, and my sole defense was that if my pappy says that word, it can’t be bad.

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